xPERT-O winner of Sésames2017 of AGORIA!

The Sésames2017 Trophy: a wonderful recognition for the xPERT-O software!

This Wednesday, 04/10/2017, the AGORIA federation had gathered in Gosselies a large audience of managers of companies, teachers and students of High Schools, members of associations and federations within the framework of the presentation of the Sésames2017 Trophies.

Our xPERT-O project, co-developed with Valentin and Adrien, students from HE Condorcet (from the Mons and Charleroi sites) as part of the MIC's Soft Lab Academy program, was among the nominees with 11 other projects. We were already happy with this nomination!

We had the great pleasure and honor to be chosen as one of the 5 winners of this award!

Sesames2017 4

Here is the link to the video that AGORIA dedicated us to this occasion.

xPERT-O is the web tool built by xFIVE to analyze complex situations and highlight the key issues to be solved. xPERT-O simplifies complexity, capitalizes knowledge of your business, and graphically visualizes the path to solutions.

Thanks to all those who helped to make xPERT-O the great product that it promises to become. And thanks to the members of the jury of the Sesames2017 of AGORIA for having honored xPERT-O.

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