General Terms of Service

For these terms, the company xFIVE SCRL is hereinafter referred to as "xFIVE" and the other party "CLIENT".

Article 1 - Service Offering

1.1. Unless otherwise stipulated in the agreement signed between the parties, the period of validity of the offer which is formulated by xFIVE is 15 days.
1.2. Any order, which has not been preceded by a written offer from xFIVE, shall only bind xFIVE that if xFIVE has accepted the proposal by written agreement.
1.3. xFIVE will implement the missions described in the service offering including projects, budgets, schedules and various conditions. These conditions shall remain applicable for any assignments subsequently entrusted to xFIVE by the CLIENT.

Article 2 - Duration of Contract

This contract shall take effect as soon as the CLIENT agrees on the offer of services. The contract will be notified in writing (letter, fax, e-mail ...) and will end at the end of the last stage of the accepted service offering.
2.1. This contract may be terminated in writing by one of the parties, subject to a notice of 10 working days before the start of the assignment (according to the schedule of the service offering).
2.2. If a cancellation by the CLIENT occurs less than 10 working days before the start of the assignment to xFIVE (according to the schedule of the service offering), 10% of the fees and all expenses incurred will be invoiced. If a cancellation occurs during the assignment, the client will bear all the expenses and fees already incurred + 10% of the fees as compensation.

Article 3 - Price

3.1. Prices for services are in euros, excluding VAT. Any increase of the VAT or any new tax that would be imposed between the time of the order and that of the delivery will be at the expense of the CLIENT.
3.2. The price fixed by xFIVE in the agreement, and accepted by the CLIENT, covers only the fees that are referred to in the said agreement. Any extension, modification or adaptation of the nature or extent of the mission entrusted to xFIVE involve an adaptation of the original price and will be subject to a written agreement.

Article 4 - Payment

4.1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all amounts due to xFIVE will be payable without discount and within 30 calendar days. The fact that xFIVE grants certain payment facilities to the CLIENT does not in any way constitute an acquired right for the benefit of the CLIENT or a renunciation on the part of xFIVE to claim payment of the invoice when it expires.
4.2. In the event of non-payment or in the case of partial payment, the amount of the invoice will be without prior notice automatically productive of a legal interest and a conventional interest calculated at the rate to 12% per year, and will also be increased by a sum fixed at a flat rate of 15% amount (of) invoice (s) expired (s), with a minimum of € 150, without prejudice to the right of the xFIVE to get reimbursement of the additional costs which would occur to recover its debt.
4.3. The receipt of the invoice without motivated objection addressed by registered letter within 10 days of the receipt of the invoice entails full acceptance and full approval of the services which were delivered by xFIVE. No more protest regarding either the fees or services delivered, or to (the) invoice (s) will be accepted after 10 days as indicated above.

Article 5 – Planning & Timelines Delivery

5.1. Except if it is expressly provided in the agreement concluded between the parties, the deadlines which are set for the performance of the services or the entrusted assignment are not strict deadlines.
5.2. xFIVE is being bound by an obligation of means, xFIVE cannot be held liable of the delay in the execution. The termination of the contract can only be requested if the delay in the execution of the assignment is clearly attributable to the serious fault of xFIVE.
5.3. In any case, xFIVE will not be held liable for the delay in the execution of its mission if it is due to the behavior of the CLIENT, its personnel, subcontractors or if the CLIENT modifies, during the execution of contract, the nature of the assignment entrusted to xFIVE or its extent. In such a case, xFIVE will report the fact in writing and propose changes both on the purpose and on the schedule.

Article 6 - Guarantees

xFIVE undertakes to provide the CLIENT with sufficient resources and human resources for the proper performance of the services which were agreed on, and to maintain the appropriate profiles & expertise for each of the tasks described in the agreement between the parties. xFIVE will replace any resource with an equivalent profile or at least corresponding to the tasks concerned.

Article 7 - Amendments

Any change to the signed agreement which are likely to extend the completion dates or modify the nature of the budget must be a written agreement.

Article 8 - Termination of contract

8.1. xFIVE is entitled to terminate the contract, by right, by notifying the CLIENT of its will by registered letter, in case of serious breach by the CLIENT of one of its contractual obligations, for example if the CLIENT has not paid an invoice for more than 30 calendar days, or if the CLIENT will not perform or is in serious danger of failing to perform one of its principal obligations, even before this obligation is due.
8.2. In the event of termination in the case described in the above paragraph, the CLIENT shall be liable to xFIVE for damages fixed at a flat rate of 10% of the price determined in the agreement concluded between the parties

Article 9 - Confidentiality

xFIVE undertakes not to publish or disclose to third parties’ information and data transmitted in writing and / or verbally of various kinds that are of a confidential nature and whose disclosure is likely to harm the interests of the CLIENT. However, xFIVE may report collaboration for commercial purposes.

Article 10 - Property and Intellectual Rights of the Parties

At the latest at the end of the contract, or at the request of the CLIENT, xFIVE will return to him all of what has been entrusted to him (information, data, samples…), unless xFIVE has received written authorization to keep it and / or exploit it. The work resulting from collaboration under this contract will remain ownership of the CLIENT who has the right to use, market it, give it away, to publish, to dispose or transfer the rights as he wants, unless if there is an agreement with xFIVE on sharing intellectual property rights.
Regarding intellectual property rights concerning ideas, processes, models, prototypes and methods disclosed, used and created by xFIVE under the contract with the CLIENT:
10.1. xFIVE certifies that it has the right to make such use without being liable to third parties.
10.2. xFIVE agrees to release the Customer from any and all liability for the use of a right that xFIVE knows as being subject to third party rights.

Article 11 - Subcontracting or Co-Contracting

xFIVE will not grant any right or delegate any responsibility for this contract without the prior written authorization of the CLIENT. If necessary, xFIVE can offer the services of a subcontractor selected from a network based on a highly qualitative selection. The commission taken by xFIVE on this occasion amounts to a percentage of the purchase price proposed by the subcontractor, starting from 15%. This commission includes the guarantee of the quality of the subcontracted service until it is delivered. If the CLIENT wishes to use its own subcontractor, xFIVE can under no circumstances be held responsible for errors or inaccuracies of the work of this subcontractor.

Article 12 - Commitment of costs

xFIVE will not incur any costs on behalf of the CLIENT without the prior agreement of the person in charge designated by the CLIENT as responsible for the agreed contract.

Article 13 - Electronic Communication & Tools

The CLIENT declares protect its IT tools properly against damage due to virus or a logic bomb and disclaims xFIVE of any responsibility in this regard.

Article 14 – HR Agreement - Exclusivity

The CLIENT agrees not to take over, directly or indirectly, any employee of xFIVE, which would have been charged with any assignment for this CLIENT, for less than three (3) years unless prior express agreement of xFIVE.

Article 15 - Jurisdiction

15.1. Any dispute related to the existence, execution or interpretation of the contract or these general conditions between xFIVE and the CLIENT will be the exclusive competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Tournai (Belgium).
15.2. xFIVE reserves the right, however, to waive the clause granting jurisdiction and to assign the CLIENT to the jurisdiction of his domicile or residence.
15.3. The contractual relations between xFIVE and the CLIENT are governed by the Belgian laws, decrees and regulations in force.


Our 2A2CI methodology

A mission carried out in the framework of the methodology 2A2CI takes place in 5 stages: Awareness, Analysis of situation, Concept development, Concretization of best concepts, Impact evaluation.

At the end of the implementation of 2A2CI, the client must be able to decide in full knowledge of the facts and as objectively as possible on whether to scaling up & industrialization of new value proposition.

2A2CI can be used to develop products accepted by market, to realize new innovative services, or to improve a process, to define a means of production, to improve the functioning of an organization, to design a new business model, etc.


  • Awareness


    During this first stage, we will agree on the vision of the technical & economical offer to develop. We will understand the business ecosystem in which the innovation project is taking place.

    This phase is dedicated to agree on the objectives, to refine the outline of the system, to better understand the important parameters in the definition of the subject to tackle. We will make sure to have properly identified the perimeter in which the intervention is located (customers, users, suppliers, competitors and new entrants, scientific providers, specifiers and influencers, legislative or normative regulators, etc.).

    This will also define the resource persons, internal and / or external experts who will be integrated as appropriate into the rest of the process.
  • Analysis of situation

    Analysis of situation

    Next, we analyze the situation prior to start the action, to "think before acting".

    During this phase, we consolidate, together with the client (project owner) and the resource people involved in the process, the existing knowledge on the planned project, on the techno-economic system which is studied. This knowledge is gathered in various ways: models of the studied system, graph of problems and partial solutions which are already considered or developed ...

    This step is important because it helps identify the key challenges to solve in a complex situation. And challenges also mean problems, frustrations, opportunities, etc. This phase of analysis allows us to define a set of specifications of the application to develop.

    Among the resource persons involved, it is essential that, at a minimum, are represented the (future) customers of the project to achieve. Because the pains and gains of the (end-)users are central to any innovation!
  • Concepts Development

    Concepts Development

    When the key problems, frustrations, challenges and opportunities are identified, the next step is to design, on an inventive way, the elements that will deliver a new value proposition.

    This phase, wherein the creativity plays a central role, will transform the challenges identified in the previous step in a set of inventive concepts. To solve creatively and in a systematic way the key problems (expressed as contradictions), we will use tools such as TRIZ in collaboration with customer's (project owner) teams. Co-creation and collaborative intelligence are key concepts.

    At the end of this phase, we have a database of concepts of solutions.
  • Concretization of best concepts

    Concretization of best concepts

    In this step, we are transforming the most promising solutions envisioned in step 3 into refined concepts that can be embodied in a demonstrator (MVP = Minimum Viable Product) showing the value proposition and capable to face experimental testing.

    This stage typically consists of a execution process, ranging from the selection of the most promising concept to the practical realization of functional demonstrator product / service to develop, including IP protection. This is done thanks the support of the project owner company's internal resources as well as the expertise and skills of external providers.

    By putting the pilot client / (end-)user of the demonstrator (MVP) at the center, we focus on getting on a very fast way the right feedback from the market. This feedback goes on the product or service (core offer), but also the service around this offer (adjacent offer), and how to communicate and how to bring it to market.
  • Impact evaluation

    Impact evaluation

    Finally, we will test the demonstrator in real conditions, with pilot users, to measure the impact of the value proposition.

    During this step, we will schedule and conduct "assessment missions," use cases of the functional demonstrator , in order to assess both the technical aspects and the ability to respond to market needs. This will help to refine the design of the solution and its implications.

    The resulting deliverable contains all the information you need to make the right decision.

    A methodological tool developed by xFIVE

    2A2CI is the structuring methodological tool on which we base the realization of innovation projects of our customers into tangible business. This is a pragmatic approach, efficient and results-oriented. 2A2CI starts from market unmet needs, company vision and ends with impact on customer expectations. The technical approach is embedded in a global business frame.

    Kata2A2CI has been developed on the base of the xFIVE founders' expertise in innovation & business development.   The has been first published during the 11th Etria conference in Dublin "2A2CI: a systematic approach to Implement TRIZ innovation in SME. "

    2A2CI integrates many very effective tools such as Value Analysis, Value Innovation, TRIZ, QFD (Quality Function Deployment), Agile, Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, etc ....

    A new publication on both the integration of the Business Model Canvas and the use of creative tools for the animation team in 2A2CI was awarded an "Excellent Paper Award" during the international conference on the inventive design GTC 2014 in Seoul in July 2014.

    2A2CI is very effective because it combines on a systematic way the main steps to pragmatic innovation, wherein the technical approach is embedded in a global business frame:

    • Clear vision of goals to achieve within business ecosystem;
    • Choice of the right problems & opportunities (the key problems in the path to achieve expectations of targeted customer; deep insight of the problem (its time, place and essence);
    • Inventive solving through several tools, using available resources; reliable concept evaluation (compliance to solution criteria);
    • Materialization into “demonstrating prototypes”;
    • Testing in conditions as real as possible.

    2A2CI approach presents the following characteristics:

    • Modularity: each 2A2CI step is self-sufficient, coherent and provides exploitable deliverables for the customer. It includes the process AND the results.
    • Pragmatism: the customers understand easily the steps and they get at all stages concrete results, what helps to avoid theorization of the process.
    • Integration into Market dynamics: 2A2CI starts from market unmet needs, company vision and ends with impact on customer expectations. The technical approach is embedded in a global business frame.


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    Our own projects

    At xFIVE, we have our own dreams we want to fulfill. What we recommend to our customers, we put it into practice for ourselves: we develop our own projects as a demonstration of our methodology. We test our methodology to adapt and sharpen our tools while creating added value in a responsible manner.  Below, some of our projects:

    xPERT O reseau 3xPERT-O

    A web-based software to identify key challenges in complex situations.  xPERT-O has been awarded in 2017 with Sésames2017 trophy of AGORIA.


    logo energXA biogaz micro-unit, suitable for an average farm or a local community, that creates local energy from waste, without requiring to convey biomass for many kilometers.



    An approach to creativity based on gaming and involvement by having fun. More info here.


    Participation in business projects

    SyngulonAt xFIVE we believe in the success of our customers and we are committed to their success. That's why we can go to take some risk with them.  We are shareholders of a promising biotechnology firm: Syngulon


    And your project? Come talk about it!


    Our team

    xFIVE is a company with variable geometry that fits the size of the projects of our clients. It relies on a multidisciplinary team of people with varied and complementary expertise careers.

    Axel Neveux

    Axel Neveux

    Axel is a Biologist (UMH 1988) and Economist (UCL Mons-1996) and a Master's degree in Inventive Design (INSA Strasbourg 2010). After leading InnovaTech from 2002 to 2012, he co-founded xFIVE sprl in 2011. His specialty? Develop innovative products and services, focusing to listening actors. He is certified by the Walloon Region as an expert in creative economy.

    Axel is also a bike enthusiast and likes to tinker.

    Profil LinkedIn

    Frédéric Lemans

    Frédéric Lemans

    Frédéric is Bioengineer / Certified Coach / Organizational Practitioner. After several years of commercial management in pharma then in medical device, Frédéric started as an independent in 2015 and joined xFIVE in late 2018. Its purpose is to help organizations design and implement new levers to meet their economic, human and societal challenges. His passion: to design with inspiration by nature!

    Profil LinkedIn

    Stéphane Badts

    Stéphane Badts

    Stéphane is a civil engineer in Mechanics (FPMS 2001) and Bachelor of Science in Management (FUCaM 2001) and a Master in Quality Management Total (FPMS 1997). Sales Manager at Socabelec until early 2015, he joined xFIVE as managing partner in July 2015. His specialty is to build creative business models for industrial equipment.

    Stéphane has a passion for horse riding.

    Profil LinkedIn

    Thomas D'Hollander

    Thomas D'Hollander

    Having joined xFIVE in 2019, Thomas is our specialist in digitalization #AI #blockchain

    Profil LinkedIn

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