xPERT-O, our tool for analyzing complex situations

xPERT 0 EN HPSimplifying complexity to highlight the key issues that need to be addressed is the goal of xPERT-O.

Everyone has already been confronted with a complex situation where many challenges have chained and interconnected consequences. Often so much so that we do not know from which angle to approach the problem ... xPERT-O brings a solution to this! It is an interactive web application, simple and user-friendly, which makes possible to easily model complex situations presenting a large number of interconnected challenges and opportunities.  And thus, one can objectively choose the key elements to attack first in this network of problems.

With xPERT-O, distinguish what really matters from the surrounding noise.

xPERT-O, developed in 2017 within the frame of the MIC Softlab Academy, exists today as a SaaS, accessible via www.xpert-o.com. Since its launch as a demonstrator in June 2017, more than 50 projects have been realized with xPERT-O.

In a few minutes, several users can simultaneously create and connect simple elements (nodes) with oriented links to create a complex network. Thanks to algorithms of centrality based on graph theory, xPERT-O then highlights the most influential nodes. 

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The applications of xPERT-O are numerous for all sectors (energy, environment, materials, e-health, technological industry, chemistry and biotech, etc.): modeling and optimization of complex processes, FMEA and SWIFT, improvement of organization, development of innovation, knowledge consolidation, etc.

xPERT-O is the winner of the Sésames2017 Trophy awarded by AGORIA.

If you want more info on xPERT-O, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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