Our partners & networks

Building on effective methodological tools and a network of strong partners, we realize your innovative projects and turn them into tangible business.

Some of our partnerships:

 logo triaxesCombining in a team the expertise of Business Development - Design- Engineering: TriaxesPro

The objective of this partnership is to offer our customers a combined approach to really accelerate the placing on the market of their product or service by integrating the expertises of industrial design & engineering very early in the process, when the frustration of the market is identified. The three skills complement and help create products and services that simplify the life of their users!

xFIVE is very proud to be part of this Triaxes approach with Astral Design, that wishes to put its Design action at the right moment for intervention in the innovation process, and Engimed.

The Triaxes initiative applied to teaching was recognized late 2015 as one of the 30 best training practices in business-oriented curriculum by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), in a range of 300 proposals.

This service is offered at the initiative of MAD Brussels.


Research in the big data that facilitates your business intelligence: IXXO

logo ixxo

IXXO develops innovative software solutions to improve business responsiveness face the unstructured information. The vision of IXXO combines mastering of information processing technologies and expertise of the functional area of ​​knowledge management.

Founded in 2002, IXXO publishes IXXO Web Mining, a second generation websurvey & Internet search solution, and continues its business services in the field of enterprise search engines.

Since early 2015, xFIVE has adopted deep web exploration tool developed by IXXO for the benefit of its customers.  It contributes to the detection of frustrations and challenges existing in the target markets, as well as the identification of existing solutions. IXXO and xFIVE are partners in the development of the use of big data.


STEPS NETWORK  : Inventive Design Approach and Tools across Europe

We have established a strategic partnership with Time-To-Innovate, a spin-off of INSA Strasbourg. It publishes an Computer-Aided Inventive Design software called STEPS® (Systematic Tool for Efficient Problem Solving).

This software was originally developed by a consortium of INSA Strasbourg, EADS, Alstom Transport and ArcelorMittal. Since October 2013, xFIVE has integrated a new STEPS® development consortium that includes Insa Strasbourg, ArcelorMittal, MBDA, Socomec, ExelOP, Time-To-Innovate and xFIVE.

With STEPS Network (which is based among other partners on Time-to-Innovate, ExelOP, Tom Spike), xFIVE' customers benefit (besides the xFIVE' tools, expertise and methods) of the expertise of the consultancy companies belonging to the network (France, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea) and of the research results of LGECO INSA Strasbourg (ranked # 2 in the world among academic centers specialized in design methodologies).


logo Steps network logo insa strasbourg logo time to innovate TomSpike Logo exelop


xFIVE is exclusive distributor of STEPS(R) in Benelux, northern and western France and supports the development of the software as an expert labeled "IDM-TRIZ powered by STEPS®".



And we are members of the following clusters to integrate the dynamics of their members into the answers of our customers.

infopole poleMecatech wagralim logo logo GreenWin


Mind & Market connects Innovation and Market


We have a special connection with the Mind & Market initiative, which is still developing more under the leadership of Jean-Marc Simoens. It was during the 2011 edition that we could test our value proposition to very demanding juries. And a few years later, xFIVE became an active partner in M & M. We participate in different forums which are meeting places between innovative projects, enterprises and entrepreneurs in all sectors. Pitching sessions and discussion forums are organized to discover and challenge the projects.

Since 2014, xFIVE gives an award for project developers who have seriously advanced the feasibility of their project. Orthanc has received the xFIVE award in 2014, IgGreen that of 2015.

To learn more about Mind & Market.



Les Jeunes Entreprises (LJE) and their program "Young Enterprise Project (YEP)"

LJE LogoLJE aims to stimulate entrepreneurship among young people aged 8-25 years. xFIVE participated since 2013 in their YEP DAYS program taking place in the high schools. xFIVE activities within the framework of this collaboration involves animating seminars on innovation and creativity.

The YOUNG ENTERPRISE PROJECT (YEP) is an entrepreneurship learning program through which youth groups embark on the challenge of creating and developing an innovative project. Participants study the feasibility of the project with the support of professionals and business experts. The YEP program is based on a work methodology, tools and guidance that can tag the development of their project. We are proud to participate, for example by making speed-coachings.

For more information: LJE - Les Jeunes Entreprises


Wap's Hub, Creative Hub of Wallonie Picarde

logo WapshubSince 2015, xFIVE supports the action of Wap's hub, the creative hub of Walloon Picardy. Wap's Hub is a platform that aims to develop the creative economy in Walloon Picardy, through the development of innovative and creative projects, networking of actors, creation of a community and the support of creative ideas. Wap's hub, a plaform of digital economy, advocates a concept based on the values of exchange, sharing, collaboration and co-creation.

For more information: Wap 's Hub


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