Our own projects

At xFIVE, we have our own dreams we want to fulfill. What we recommend to our customers, we put it into practice for ourselves: we develop our own projects as a demonstration of our methodology. We test our methodology to adapt and sharpen our tools while creating added value in a responsible manner.  Below, some of our projects:

xPERT O reseau 3xPERT-O

A web-based software to identify key challenges in complex situations.  xPERT-O has been awarded in 2017 with Sésames2017 trophy of AGORIA.


logo energXA biogaz micro-unit, suitable for an average farm or a local community, that creates local energy from waste, without requiring to convey biomass for many kilometers.



An approach to creativity based on gaming and involvement by having fun. More info here.


Participation in business projects

SyngulonAt xFIVE we believe in the success of our customers and we are committed to their success. That's why we can go to take some risk with them.  We are shareholders of a promising biotechnology firm: Syngulon


And your project? Come talk about it!


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