Our mission & values

In a world in transition, successful companies are those that have integrated at best in their products and services the constraints of scarcity of natural resources and the ambition to better meet the aspirations of the various stakeholders of their ecosystem, while generating added value.

To do so, these companies will innovate in a sustainable and collaborative way, and will rely on partners to boost the market introduction of their products and services.

xFIVE aims to be a reference in structuring innovation, that is valued by its customers to accelerate their sustainable business models.

Our mission, our commitment, our passion: to support organizations and individuals by fully engaging with them to realize today their future plans, through innovation and co-operational excellence.

sherpa innovationFor an entrepreneur, his project is sometimes like trying to reach the summit of Everest! A huge challenge, a challenge that mobilizes beyond his own resources. And everyone remembers Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach the summit of Everest. The name of Tenzing Norgay, the Sherpa is known of few people. Yet the escalation would not have been possible without his assistance. Tenzing Norgay wore luggage, hosted base camps, has implemented many things to allow Hillary to write his name in history.

It is our role, xFIVE, to play the Sherpa in the projects of our customers. We ensure all elements for the realization and implementation of innovations.

Our passion is to create value for our clients in achieving their dreams of innovation, sustainability and operational excellence, with adedication and involvement!

Our commitment is to realize their innovation with our clients! Instead of "advise to", we "build with".

Our values

We put our services at the service of the projects of our customers by relying on effective tools, methodologies and on a network of strong partners, aligned with our values.

The five values ​​that shape our actions are:

Quality work and personalization

Our ambition is to deliver results of quality and tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Eco-Responsibility Eco for economic and ecological because we want to ensure that the innovations of our customers contribute to a more sustainable world and a responsible growth.
Pragmatism Our motto is to be effective and efficient.
Passion and enthusiasm We are committed enthusiasts.
Trust Working effectively and collaboratively on innovation projects (which are risky by nature) requires trust and respect between partners.

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