You want to create value by innovation...

You want to create value by innovation...
We design and develop products & services for you and with you

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You need to solve complex problematics...

You need to solve complex problematics...
We imagine and implement inventive and customer-centric solutions !

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You want to improve the sustainability of your business...

You want to improve the sustainability of your business...
We accompany you to boost your operational excellence !

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You want to improve the sustainability of your business

Stress Relief L

Make a decision is to embark on a path. "To choose is to renounce" the saying goes. It is therefore important to ensure that the road taken is one that will lead to the desired effects. Enterprises want to be sure that they will make their customers more than satisfied, that they will keep a step ahead of their competitors,  that they will make the best use of their resources, that their teams will stay on board all the road along! Organizations want to make their business model more efficient, more in tune with the aspirations of all, more respectful of the environment, in short more sustainable!!

Our support aims to accelerate the positioning of our customers on sustainable development trajectories, in an efficient and reassuring way.

An end-user-oriented approach

To build a solution that meets the frustrations of the market, the most important thing is to put the end-user at the center of the solution process. Therefore, in all our actions and tasks for the benefit of our customers, we are integrating their own customers in the process. The ultimate goal is to simplify the lives of our customers' customers.

Thus, for example, we created Mobi33 by involving nurses and healthcare providers at each stage of the project, and by making them effective co-designers of this software which aims at facilitating the life of the home nursing.

An operational excellence approach

Making companies stronger, more agile, more excellent in their operations is one of the goals of the xFIVE action, thanks to a set of improvement tools (lean, agile, ...) integrated into the 2A2CI methodology.


An approach that takes into account the complexity of change

Change is uncomfortable by essence. Indeed, we must get out of our "comfort zone", either individually or collectively. The process of change is complex and requires a continuous effort. And it is all the more marked when innovation is concerned, as innovation implies that one takes risks by venturing into the unknown. And because every organization seeks to (re) balance its functioning, it is very likely that a change that is not managed may finally lead to a step backwards, a situation before innovation or even a failure of this one...

That is why we support our clients' projects with change management actions. A clear vision of what is to be obtained by the change, understanding the real problems that will remain if one stays without change, and the example provided by the success of similar changes are all key factors. We also ensure involvement of opinion leaders within the business ecosystem so that there is a propagation and training effect within the team, and for other projects.

The principle of this change management is summarized in the equation np * V * S > Ω, where P  & n = problem and its nature, V = vision, S = success and Ω =  resistance to change.


Qualivity succesAn approach that puts people at the center

To ensure that our support process is accepted and integrated by customer's teams, we rely on a set of methodological coaching tools developed with the support of our partners. It is indeed key to work on both individual and collective aspects. And, in order to organize and develop the capacity of multidisciplinary teams to trust, we work in such a way that the group of people in charge takes full consciousness of the collective force developed by building on individual strengths. By working on confidence-making processes, we ensure that the group synergy transforms the gathering of individuals talents into a team, a much more efficient alloy than the mixing of the components.


An approach that integrates sustainable development

PPP xFIVEGenerally, one defines sustainable development as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"

Rather than adopting the traditional representation of People - Planet - Profit axes in three interconnected sets, we prefer to set up an inclusive approach in three concentric circles.

This representation is indeed much more representative of the balance that is needed when the company builds "sustainably". Indeed, the heart of entrepreneurial activity concerns is that to create added value in a broad sense (PROFIT), but it is sustainable only when it takes into account the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders (PEOPLE) and incorporate all this while considering the finiteness of resources and the global environment (PLANET).

Our ambition is to enable our customers to integrate in a sustainable way into business ecosystems they nourish and feed.

Our involvement goes beyond simple project development.  We want to set up, develop and complete complete chains, placing them in their economic, societal, environmental context, in a real approach of Circular Enonomy.

We want to ensure that the innovations of our customers contribute to a more just and sustainable world.

An approach supported by public support schemes

xFIVE is one of the companies approved for Chèques Entreprise Circular Economy, a support that goes up to 75% of public aid.

xFIVE, shaping new roads together with its customers

Since 2011, Xfive accompanied many clients on new roads, combining renewed vision and adapted strategy to:

  • The repositioning of R & D centers,
  • Strategic redeployment of a business support activity,


    The renaissance of a cultural space,
  • The development of a science park,


    And many others...


teamwork in change

You need to solve complex problems

stetoscope UKEvery business needs to solve problems for moving forward. And some of these issues are sometimes very present and complex to tackle, despite persistent efforts and they mix all facets: customer-centric, human, technical, commercial, financial, ... This is where xFIVE comes in to solve the complex challenges that its customers are facing.

And for this we rely on powerful tools (TRIZ, VI, QFD, ...) integrated into 2A2CI: a methodology that xFIVE has developed, an internationally recognized and user-centric approach that has helped solving many problems for our customers.


The key to problem solving is in the preliminary analysis. It is essential to take the time to list the problems (or challenges, frustrations, challenges, opportunities, ...) and identify which are the key problems to solve rather than rush straight into the path of the solution. 

Most of the time, we do fail because we have given a right answer, but to the wrong problem, instead of giving a wrong answer to the right problem!

This analysis of the situation in preamble to any subsequent step is the keystone of our 2A2CI approach. Analyzing a situation is an unfinished study event. What is intended is not the "right" identification but rather the integration of information from all stakeholders of the ecosystem of the studied project. It is important to share the maximum of knowledge, expertise and vision of the issue among participants.

Our approach is based on our capability to model the studied systems, to list and connect their problems with a collective and inclusive approach with all stakeholders on board.

xPERT O reseau 3This knowledge capitalization also involves the construction of a network of problems.

How is constructed this network  (or graph of problems and partial solutions)? One starts from an existing problem within the studied system (the input problem). Then we look at the problem that could be the direct cause of that problem, and then the next problem, etc. And so gradually, one can build a real graph. For each problem listed, one can also list the solution that has already been implemented, and also look at how this solution also generates other problems.

The construction of network of problems can consolidate the expertise of participants. Because of the semantics to respect (problem = subject + verb + complement, partial solution = infinitive verb + complement), the reformulation exercise helps clarify and capitalize the company's knowledge and experience. This construction is carried out using our xPERT-O software.

Effet domino

The analysis of the graph of problems and partial solutions pemits then to determine (based on the graph theory) what problems have the most impact, that is to say, those whose resolution helps eliminate the biggest number of other problems. In the manner of these dominoes when they fall entail a very large chain of other dominoes falling. The ideal is to identify these "key dominoes". Similarly, one can isolate the most interesting partial solutions to implement (that is to say those which solve the maximum of problems upstream and generate the fewest problems later).


Solve inventively

Once key problems are identified, we can attack their resolution. One way to synthesize the essence of problem is to formalize it into a contradiction.

contradiction ENWhat's a contradiction? One way to represent it is to think of the maxim "to choose is to renounce." When you act on a control variable in a way, you get some positive effects but also negative effects. When you act in the opposite direction, the positive and negative effects are reversed. You are then faced with the difficult choice between conflicting positive effects. And often you opt for the middle path, for a compromise that allows you to have enough positive effects to offset the negative nature. For example, if your table top is thin, it is light but very solid and if it is thick, it is the opposite.

Yet it is there, in the body of impossible choices, that takes root the ability to bring out truly inventive solutions, these solutions which "miraculously" allow to combine the two good sides of the contradiction. We would have both good sides at the same time, high mechanical strength and lightness: we need the table top is thick and thin at a time.

And this is where TRIZ operates. When one has exhausted all conventional means of problem-solving and one is at the limits of compromise solutions, it is necessary to be inventive: to get out technical and economic impasses, for solutions that combine both positive sides of the contradiction!

Members of the team xFIVE are TRIZ experts, and xFIVE is an IDM-TRIZ operator certified by INSA Strasbourg.


xFIVE, solver of complex problems for its customers

Among the many examples of problem-solving missions related to products, services or processes of our customers, we can list:

  • The integration of two organizations with different backgrounds into a more agile company, relying on motivated employees,
  • Solving a problem of production that lasted for over 20 years in the chemical industry,
  • A methodology of assessing CAPEX projects called "First Time Good" in the glass industry,
  • An improved manufacturing process in biotech,
  • The redesign of a manufacturing tool in material industry, by solving different critical points,
  • And many others...

problem solved

You want to grow and create value

Realisateur UK

You want to innovate, and thus detect market needs, unlock technological deadlocks, do less trials and errors, get more creative and inventive solutions, accelerate time to market ...

And you would need more time, resources, expertise to get there!

This is where we come to realize with you and for you the innovation projects that materialize your vision of the future of your business.  We create value for you.

We transform your innovation projects into tangible business!

We start from the market frustration, from the idea, and go till the realization of the functional prototype of your product / service and its test on the market by pilot customers.  You can thus make a sound decision about the scaling-up and industrialization (or not) of your product / service.

Our Inventive Design Office is your additional resource support to innovation to transform your innovation project into tangible business, and to create your products and services.

We exist to prevent that your projects just remain ideas on a desktop corner, and we are on your side to ensure that they are realized.

xFIVE, designer of innovative products and services with its customer

Since the fundation of xFIVE in 2011, we have booked several successes in the development of innovative products and services, as our customers can attest, such as:

  • A unique and innovative and sustainable approach in the agrifood sector.
  • A new innovative software for home care management.
  • Some inventive concepts in recycling.
  • Business repositioning of material producers.
  • A new water purification business.
  • An ecological energy system
  • ... and many others.




What does it mean for your organization to use the services of xFIVE:


Will the action of xFIVE allow me to boost up my project?

xFIVE has to his credit more than 100 missions in 4 years of existence. Our clients will testify about the effectiveness of our action and we can put you in contact with them to explain to you how we materialize their dreams into tangible business.
To build trust between you and us, we have settled up a "Discovery Module": it will allow you in a few days of xFIVE's work to obtain interesting results regarding an issue, a challenge of limited size. It will also help to build mutual trust and better understanding of the mechanisms and tools that we will deploy, while producing interesting deliverables for you.



And the 2A2CI methodology developed by xFIVE, is it effective?

excellent paper award for 2A2CIThe 2A2CI methodology is an original methodological tool developed by xFIVE. This approach has been the subject of several communications and earned an "excellent paper award" at an international conference on inventive design in Seoul in 2014.

But better than academic recognition, what delights us is the feedack of our many customers who appreciate the support altogether structured, simple, pragmatic and efficient given to their innovation project by 2A2CI.

The 5 steps (Awareness, Analysis, Concepts development, Concretization, Impact evaluation) of the 2A2CI methodology are built on the basis of pragmatic and effecient tools.  The 2A2CI methodology is effective to accelerate the placing on the market of a new product / service, as well as to solve complex technical or economical problems, or to develop new business models.

2A2CI structures the innovation process as well as the changes that are induced by this process in our client companies.



Has xFIVE the right size to realize my dream?

xFIVE is a company with variable geometry that fits the size of the projects of our client companies:

  • xFIVE, it is a multidisciplinary team of people with varied and complementary expertise careers.
  • xFIVE, it is a successful company founded in 2011 with a huge track record of successes booked for satisfied customers.
  • xFIVE, it is also a network of experts and partners in many areas (marketing, communication, design, human resources, intellectual property, prototyping, statistical analysis, IT, etc ...) that are mobilized case by case according to the problems to address.
  • xFIVE, it is also Triaxes-Pro, a partnership of three professions (business development, design and engineering) who are mobilizing for your project according to your needs.
  • xFIVE, it is finally an access to a very rich ecosystem in sustainable economy trough our participation to various networks.
Depending on our clients' projects, we identify the necessary expertise and key, like a "movie director", we select and guide the experts to carry out this project. We engage in the results. Our fee depends thereof.



I am convinced by my idea. How can I check the welcome it will receive on the market?

Innovation is when the novelty meets the market and is appropriated by this market.

Demonstrator ENIn the early stages of our 2A2CI process, we put everything in place to have a deep understaning of the business ecosystem of the studied project and we explore the challenges / frustrations / problems / not-answered and existing needs within this ecosystem. In this set of issues nestle interesting information to create innovation.

A major generic objective is to "simplify the end user's life". This is the essence of our approach, basically centered on the user of the product / service to develop.

To realize the dreams of our customers into tangible business, we also insist on the role of demonstrator. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we think a first demonstrator is worth a thousand ideas. Most ideas can be described in a few words on a page. Develop a "demonstrator" means to integrate the features and functionalities required for the product, as well as offering services around this product, and also the commercial approach and how to communicate.   This demonstrator will in turn generate new ideas and new perspectives on products and services, business model, culture change.

Yet few companies are implementing actions to encourage the use of demonstrators as a way to develop and refine ideas. All too often, teams are satisfied to generate ideas in brainstorming sessions and these concepts remain in the form of items in a list, without being developed in a meaningful way, then go directly to the "prototype stage".

A demonstrator is not a prototype! It must be developed on a "frugal" way with few resources, it must allow to visualize the idea of ​​representing the desired functionality. Unlike a prototype, a demonstrator doesn't need to check the industrializable character of the product / service. Its essential role, focusing on pilot users, is verify if the product / service meets a market need. It will help people understand the ideas more effectively. It will clarify the value proposition of a product. It will bring the teams to interact, suggest improvements, identify strengths and weaknesses, to complete the ecosystem as a whole, strengthen networking between different stakeholders, and thereby to ensure consistency within well developed ecosystem.

And above all, it allows to set up a real user-centric dynamic.



What does this innovation mean for my business and my organization?

Your company is not necessarily structured to lead an innovation project from the beginning to its conclusion. xFIVE relies on your resources and supports your team in its innovative approach and we will settle up with you the necessary processes to sustainably manage innovation projects.

An innovation is something new that your clients have adopted and that is simplifying their lives. This innovation, when it has conquered the market, so will inevitably impact your business, your operating processes and organization.

For us, people are at the heart of the process. The individual and collective human aspects are key to transform any proposal into tangible reality. And that is why it is essential to work on this double dimension. In order to organize and develop the capacity of individuals in multidisciplinary teams to trust each other, we work so that formed groups are fully aware of the collective force developed by building on individual strengths. Indeed, an individual decision can be enriched if it is confronted with the opinion of many others and the collective decision will be better than the individual decision. By working on confidence-making mechanisms, and with the help of simple and practical tools, we ensure that the group synergy transforms the gathering of individual talents into a team, an alloy much more efficient than the mixture of components.

Our approach developes mechanisms allowing client companies to enroll employees in a collaborative approach and collective intelligence.



  How much does it cost ?

Your ideas are valuable, your projects are important. Before entrusting them to a partner, you must first establish a relationship based on trust. This is the goal of our "Discovery Module": it will allow you in a few days, to obtain interesting results regarding an issue, a challenge of limited size. It will also help to build mutual trust and better understanding of the mechanisms and tools that we will deploy, while producing deliverables interesting for you.

The second step, "Realizing Innovation", is operated by agreement on base of the results and developments of Discovery Module. The aim is to enable you to make a qualified decision on the industrialization or scaling up of your project. At the end of this mission, you have in your hands a functional demonstrator which has been tested in market conditions, and refined specifications of your future product / service.

In all cases, we operate by GO / NO GO: At each step, you are free to take the next step. Investments are thus gradually mobilized, depending on the trust established between you and us and depending on your confidence in the project.

Contact us for a proposal.



How long will it take?

It's up to you: xFIVE acts as a resource for your business. We integrate you and your teams in the innovation process and that, at the height of your possibilities. We know that your daily activity consumes you. Our structured methodology will allow you to focus your resources: at certain moments and when needed we work with you; at other moments we work independently in hidden time for you and we report to you at key stages of validation or at your request.

The overall project duration depends heavily on the sector concerned and the nature of the project. Some examples:

  • We conducted in 1 year a mobile application project from idea to commercialization of the application.
  • In three months, we have completely reoriented the strategy of a developing business in construction sector.
  • Since 2012, we conduct an action on an innovative process of energy production and we are at the demonstration today.



Can I benefit from financial support for the action of xFIVE?

xFIVE team is accredited by the Walloon Region for consultancy in strategy and in operational excellence through the mechanism  Chèques-Entreprises.

xFIVE team is accredited by France for Crédit Impôt Recherche.

xFIVE team is also expert in several Interreg projects : PROGRESFACTORY4.0PROTOPITCH

xFIVE is also co-investor & partner in projects supported by the DGO6: Marshall Plan with the Wagralim cluster as a leader (Food Management Project), CWality, etc. We also work as subcontractors in projects supported by SPW funding.

Generally, we can discuss with you the best ways to fund your project.


The Added Value for You

What are the gains for you to use xFIVE services in realizing your innovation projects?



An innovation project conducted quickly and efficiently, that meets or exceeds the expectations of the target markets

added value 2A2CI

A product or service, developed by using the services of xFIVE and its tools (as the methodology 2A2CI) sees his lifecycle curve in a diagram "delivered value - time" moved up and left. You get a series of returns related to the quality of the developed innovation:

  • The development time is shortened, and thus there is a reduction of time-to-market.
  • The approach generates less trial and error, and reduces the development and marketing costs.
  • The powerful methodological tools (often not existing in the client companies) can increase the quality and the inventiveness of developed outputs, ensuring better performance of the whole and a better chance of success in the market.
  • Throughout his life curve, the product or innovative service generates a higher return on investment.
  • Finally, the developed product or service is offered with a range of concepts that can be used in subsequent generations, and will accelerate in their turn the market introduction of new versions.



Confident and involved customers and prospects

By implementing a process that questions the vision of what you want to settle up and the challenges to achieve it, together with stakeholders of your business ecosystem, you build with your customers and prospects a customized solution that is ahead of their expectations. Our 2A2CI methodology allows you to involve them in the process from the start and they will be more motivated to push your offer on the market, and to be ambassadors. You show your client the importance you attach to well respond to his request. You build your offer with him, sometimes even redirect it in a concerted way with him.  You become user-centered.



Commitment and alignment of energies within your company

By investing in a collective approach in its implementation and in its operation, you raise people engagement and commitment of participants. Our approach is based on the principle of involvement of people, illustrated by Benjamin Franklin's maxim: "You tell me, I forget. You teach me, I remember. You involved me, I learn". So by working on their challenges, their problems, frustrations, in contexts that concern them directly and in relation to their job realities, people actually get committed and engaged. This is the heart of the pragmatic and concrete approach that we offer so that the various internal players are seeking to accelerate business changes, are actively involved in the process, undertake and actually support the collective project.



Original, creative, inventive solutions to complex problems

Our methodological tools allow you to take original points of view that are ew, fresh, external and linked to the needs and frustrations of the market.

Indeed, it is really important to think before you act, and to define the key challenges / issues / frustrations / opportunities / problems to solve rather than rush straight into the path of solution. Problem, frustration, opportunity are three faces of the same concept, namely an" issue to be resolved in any field, that comes with a number of difficulties, obstacles".

Most failures are in fact not related to inappropriate solutions (like "we were given the wrong solution to the right problem") but are due to the fact that we did not address the real problems (like "we has found a good solution, but at the wrong problem "). And more so, almost all innovations come from the fact that it provides appropriate response to a problem that counts, to a frustration of the market that needs to be adressed, to an issue which solution simplifies life.

Detect and treat problems is a key cornerstone of our approach 2A2CI.

contradictionThere are several definitions of the concept "problem." One of these definitions is particularly carrying sense for creativity. It is to describe the problem as a contradiction. In fact, if it is impossible to construct the problem as a contradiction, then this is it's not a real problem, because there is a way out. But how do we know that we are facing a contradiction? One way to find out is to think of the maxim "to choose is to renounce." When you act on a control variable in a way, you get the positive effects but also negative effects. When you act in the opposite direction, the positive and negative effects are reversed. You are then faced with the difficult choice between conflicting positive effects.

For example, you want to eat ice cream, because the taste and freshness of the moment tempts you, but you know that you may not (for health reasons, for weight control, etc.). Do not eat it keeps you in your course of action, to sacrifice the pleasure of tasting. And often, as a human being, you are choosing the middle way, for the compromise that allows you to have enough positive effects to offset the negative nature.

Yet it is there, in the soil of impossible choices, that takes root the ability to bring out truly inventive solutions, these solutions which "miraculously" allow to combine two good sides of the contradiction. Our culture pushes us naturally to compromise and intermediate solutions, while "inventor", the "creator" propose concepts that combine the properties opposite departure.   How to get the freshness of an ice cream without having the dark side, inventive answers do exist : you know them.

Our approach aims to transform key problems, important frustrations, fundamental opportunities into exploitable "contradictions"that are exploitable sources of inventive actions thanks structured creativity.



A sustainable development approach, which combines both innovation and competitivity

The situations currently faced by companies in their quest for ideality between the desire for sustainable growth and the finiteness of natural resources abound in contradictions. The vision of growth that we want to convey in our actions is positive in the sense that we are indeed convinced that it is possible, while respecting the finiteness of natural resources and the needs and demands of stakeholders, create and develop sustainable added value.

Through our work, you will benefit from that vision of responsible growth, which requires an increase of "servicial flows" and a decrease of "material flows". This sustainable growth also requires innovation in a structured way, in a systematic approach of the business ecosystem, integrating all dimensions of innovation (technological and non-technological, organizational, societal, ...). It is underpinned by a constant search for competitiveness. It relies on the creation and implementation of new business models.



Amplifying your resources with a progressive investment

Because companies are organized to respond most effectively to their main concerns, many projects and new ideas are put aside for lack of time and resources. xFIVE reinforces your teams on request to enable them to focus on what they are the best at.  xFIVE is an additional resource to support innovation to make its customers progress faster.

By testing the methodology step by step, you reduce your basic investment to a minimum while evaluating all the contributions of the methodology. We promise to provide you with results at every step of our methodology. This also allows you to keep control of the project by regularly comparing it to the market. And since we link a significant part of our fees to the success of the innovation project, you are sure that your company and xFIVE have their goals aligned to achieve results.



An objective look outside the company's issues

When a process has evolved for some time in an organization, there are a number of habits and modus vivendi that are settled. For people in this organization, it is often complicated to change the situation because it calls into question many operating modes. The views of each other are confronting and emotion plays a huge role. This is wherein an external partner brings the outside view, the necessary objectivity and insight to evaluate, improve or transform business processes.

By identifying the challenges of your project with an external look, you develop an effective strategic action that sets you ahead of competition because it responds to the expectations identified in the market. You always keep several moves ahead.


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